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Combination Pieces

Hey you! I was thinking about my jewelry and although I love pearls and beads, you may have already noticed I am into golden jewelry too. So, I was thinking; how about I start collecting jewelry pieces I really like – which I have worn a certain amount of time to see if they are good quality – anti tarnish and waterproof – and also get them for Kanijune? Like, for you?

I know how annoying it is – you are so excited for and in love with a new jewelry piece and then after wearing it for a week you notice its color fading. That is what I want to avoid, so I wear my jewelry all the time – even in the shower -, to see if it keeps the color it had when it arrived.

Fashion is so fast and pieces can get out of style so quickly. This can lead you to buy more and more stuff, but as fast as they get out of style they get in style over again. What I am trying to say is, I want long lasting jewelry for less waste in your – and mine – jewelry stache. I sometimes even find some pieces from my mom that I really love and are in style again. The requirement for wearing them again – they still have to be in good condition.

My point is, I was thinking about a combination collection with pieces that are anti tarnish and look great with my handmade pieces, but are just not handmade. Unfortunately I am not a gold smith, but I think the fact that they are anti tarnish and a good combination piece to the other handmade jewelry is just good enough. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality aspects and taking them off before showering. You buy them and can keep them for eternity.

The GO-TO: Golden Stainless Steel

I discovered stainless steel when I learned more about jewelry materials. It is mostly IP, ION/Vaccum plated, which is very long lasting and anti allergic, so it does not contain nickel or anything else known to cause allergies. I am really in love with this material and made so many good experiences with it.

The last time I bought a ring that was 18k gold plated and I thought: Oh that’s cool! The color won’t fade! But. It. Did. I really liked that ring but literally only had a week to wear it before looking very cheap. I do not wanna say that the usual 18k plating is the same, but this one seemed to be really bad and I don’t know why. Also, I had ones before and they still look fine! Therefore, I’m just saying I really have better experiences with stainless steel for now. So I want you to profit from it, by knowing these combination pieces won’t tarnish or lose their color.

I hope you like them! They will be linked down below when uploaded!


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From Vintage to New

I constantly try to collect vintage necklaces, which are mostly a little out of style in their specific composition. For example they consist of four strings twisted in another or have odd color combinations. So I collect, wash and open them for their beautiful freshwater pearls. I buy them vintage so no seashell is gutted for those new pieces. I try to buy vintage more and more and this collection shows the outcome.

Also the main reason for me doing this is: Sustainability. Sustainability becomes more and more important in this world and also to me! By upcycling these pearls no seashell had to suffer and no new beads had to be produced. I simply take old necklaces that are no longer needed anymore into something that I think is beautiful.

The Vintage Necklace

So after washing, opening and threading again I close them up with a gold plated stainless steel clasp. The clasp and the whole necklace is waterproof, so it is perfect to wear while tanning, showering, sunbathing or any other time! The outcome looks like this, although every necklace is different because the shape of those freshwater pearls is so unique.

More Vintage Findings

Sometimes I find some colorful freshwater pearls and think of new creations for you. Due to only finding them very rarely they are only limited stock and there are just a handful of necklaces I can create out of those findings. Some you might already have seen look like this.

You can find all vintage creations down below. Vintage also means they are upcycled, therefore sustainable! And we love sustainability, don’t we?